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     Earthworks Environmental Gallery…where we see the Earth through our Artists Eyes!


                                                                         Located in the heart of beautiful Downtown Waynesville, NC.

                                                                                       21 North Main Street    828-452-9500 or

                                                                                                                Frame Gallery 828-456-3666

*Monday through Saturday 10am to 5pm (Sometimes late in the evenings!)                                 Sunday  11am to 4pm


                                      FIRST FRIDAY From May through December is ART AFTER DARK and we are open until 10pm

Earthworks Environmental Gallery has been open for business since July of 1992!   We have always focused on artists who are stewards of our beautiful planet earth, in some way or other.  Hand craft artisans in so many mediums grace our collections.  Artists, both regional and from around the world seem to fit together here at Earthworks.  That creates an amazing experience for you, the shopper.  Come in!  Enjoy!   CONTACT INFORMATION HAS CHANGED!  New email for us is now

Block Party!!!!!

This past weekend was our famous Labor Day Block Party in Downtown Waynesville!  It’s SO much fun! Music, food, dancing and shopping are all happening at once! Here at Earthworks, we kicked off the evening with our famous Kids Paint on Main! Your children can paint an original piece of artwork right in front of Earthworks from 6-7 pm Saturday night. All materials are provided, and when they are finished, they keep their creative masterpieces!

Of course, if you would like us to frame those creations, we’d be happy to help you choose just the right framing and then we’ll build the frames for you! Charges for framing depend on materials selected.

               Fall is fast approaching and our September Art After Dark on Friday night, September 5th was amazing!

                                                                                                         Featured Artists for this Fall

Double Space’s faceted Stacking Rings.  (Sold separately!)

                                                                                                        Double Space’s Blue Topaz and Peridot Ring

Blue Topaz and Peridot

                                                                                    FREE GIFT WRAPPING is ALWAYS AVAILABLE!!!!!!

FourElements BeadWorks jewelry celebrates the Earth, Sky, Water and Fire with beads!  Each piece has a name, an element it represents, and often a story.  FourElements BeadWorks designs are inspired from the world around the artist’s studio, and the special places she has traveled to.  Our seasons, our wildlife and it’s habitat are all the sources for her work.

Often considered “healing jewelry”, semi precious stones have been worn all around the world for thousands of years to aid in health, well being, happiness and the inter connectedness of people.  FourElements BeadWorks jewelry does just that!

Specializing in Mama Necklaces, Wedding Party Jewelry, Prayer Beads, Birthstone Jewelry Sets and special requests, FourElements BeadWorks offers a wide array of stones, pearls, corals, shells, glass and metal components.

FourElements BeadWorks created this great triple strand necklace! ayrex platform



                                                                                           Four strands of Turquoise… necklace!






Green Opals and Emerald Green Aventurine---very pretty.....and October's birthstone!

Opals and Aquamarine.......October and March's birthstones combined to create this two strand necklace, perfect to wear all year long!



Amethyst is the birthstone for February but we all love it!

                                                                             Rose Quartz, Iolite and Amethyst create "Calm Breezes"

Shimmering Iolite, Amethyst and Rose Quartz


January birthday girls are very lucky to have Garnet as their birthstone! Lustrous, shimmery and looks great on every skin tone, Garnet is a "goes with everything" choice! We have a beautiful and wide selection of Garnet for your January girls, and for every one else too!    Triple strands of Garnet.....January's birthstone. 

Lots of new treasures to choose from every day!

                                                                                        Beautiful Photographic Giclees by Susan Stanton


                                                                                                                      "Luck" by Susan Stanton


                                              CELEBRATION DISCOUNTS ON FRAMING!!!

Are you CELEBRATING a special event?  New Graduate?  Newlyweds?  New Baby?  Whatever is new and exiciting in your life deserves professionally framed photography.

Earthworks Frame Gallery is offering special discounts right now on new framing projects.  Celebrate The Special Events in your life!

                                                                Up to 25% off on frames, matting, shadowboxing and even collages

                                                                                                    NEW CLOTHES ARE HERE !


Beautiful Coral set by Mary Salizar.  Ring by Sunshine Reeves.



                                                                                                   Mary Salizar created an all Turquoise set!




            When you join us for open houses, parties or special events, expect to be treated like you've come to your best friends house!

A photo taken by Earthworks dear friend and fine photographer, Bob Ludlow. Thanks so much for this great view of our main gallery space!



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We LOVE our town, our customers, our artists, and our art community.