Elisa Holder


Elisa Holder is a self-taught expressionist painter based in Waynesville, North Carolina. She is passionately influenced by her surroundings and all things beautiful so it is here in the mountains of western North Carolina that she receives the inspiration to create the works of art that have become her trademark.

Elisa uses bold, bright colors that reflect the flavor and mirrors the passion in her work. While she may paint ordinary scenes and objects she often infuses them with outlandish color and texture hoping to leave the viewer intrigued.


Beneath the surface, the focus of Elisa’s work is philosophical and spiritual and she is repeatedly drawn to paint objects that evoke a sense of solitude or isolation. She studies the subject of every new painting, whether abstract or traditional, and allows the energy from the canvas to direct her brush thus always maintaining her avid belief in the value of art as a window to the soul.

Elisa exhibits and sells her work exclusively at Earthworks Gallery located at 21 North Main Street, Waynesville, NC. Please feel free to contact Elisa at 828.452.9500 or by email at if you would like to receive mailings regarding upcoming shows, works on consignment, or to arrange an appointment to visit her studio.


Commissions accepted!!